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How To Prepare Your House For Sale

Make Your First Impression Count...

Let's Go!

Welcome Homeowners!

Preparing my house for photos.jpg

If you are looking to sell your home, your first impressions are everything - and this is online! Your photographs could easily be the difference between someone booking a viewing, or moving on to the next property. 

Here are my top tips to get your property noticed online, and the checklist to complete before I arrive to photograph your home.

5 Important Interior Checks

1. Clean Your House

- Vacuum carpets, mop hard floors

- Clean countertops 

- Clean any hanging or floor lights

- Wash your windows

- Make all beds

- Turn off and clean ceiling fans.

Cleaning Supplies

2. De-Clutter

 - Remove excess furnishings and the bits and bobs you usually have around the house. 

- Remove personal photos (you can replace these with landscape/ animal or object photos)

- Put any shoes and jackets away

- Remove rugs to reveal floorboards

Kimberley Road.jpg

3. Turn On Your Lights

Turn on all of your lights, inside and out and replace any burnt out lights.

Use bulbs of the same colour temperature if possible (you don't want a mixture of warm and cold).

Kitchen Lights.jpg

4. Light Your Fireplace

If you're happy to get involved then be prepared to light your fireplace(s), whether gas or a wood burning fire, it makes all the difference!

Solid Slate Fireplace.jpg

5. Let As Much Light In As You Can

Open your blinds and curtains, especially for your photographs, to let as much natural light in as possible.

Kimberley Road.jpg

And Finally The Exterior Checks

Kimberley Road.jpg

1. Make The Front Of Your House Clear For Photos

- Remove any cars from outside the house and driveway/ in front of the garage

- Close the garage door

- Move any bins out of the way​

- Remove any visible water hoses

Exterior Photos.jpg
Window Cleaning.jpg

2. Landscaping

- Mow the front and back lawn

- Clear any clutter/ toys

- Clear up any loose leaves, remove any weeds, prune trees and shrubs

- Remove cobwebs around doorframes and empty planters.

It's hard work, but it will pay off!

3. Clean

- Wash windows

- Clean up after your pets

- Power hose the driveway/ patio etc if it's looking a little dull.

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