Ruby's Socially Distant Garden Photoshoot


"Thanks Charlotte. They are lovely!! Well done on capturing so many great moments xx"  Lisa Barnett - Ruby's mum.

To find out whether these garden photoshoots could work safely, I decided to try it out with the trickiest model I could find - a new puppy! Naturally, I love a challenge and Ruby was the perfect candidate! The lovely owners only had Ruby for a couple of weeks when I popped by for our photoshoot.

First of all I asked them where they would like the photoshoot to take place, and since they had a front garden with a gate, we could safely do this with Ruby off the lead.

I ensured that the camera was wiped clean and hand sanitiser was used prior to going into their garden, and checked they were happy for me to stroke Ruby. Puppies are usually untrained and very hyper so it would have been very difficult to get decent photos without doing this, but putting her on the lead was always a second option.

Ruby was a character that's for sure! She wasn't shy, and loved that I had brought some new toys with me (she definitely liked the 'squirrel'! She raced around the garden which made taking photos of her in a small space very interesting, she certainly kept me on my toes!

Despite the amount of running around she did, I managed to capture some gorgeous photos of her in action and when she sat down for a very (brief) rest. If you live in Llantrisant you may see this little rascal out on her walks and growing by the day!