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Family Films

Nothing can compare to the emotions you experience when you’re reliving your family memories in your very own family film.

Film doesn't just freeze a moment; it transports you back to the memory itself, allowing you to witness every detail—the first steps, the laughter, the goofy expressions. These films become treasured keepsakes, time capsules, perfect to relive at birthdays and weddings, creating connection and memories whether you're gathered together or separated by distance.

During your filming session, the focus is on capturing authentic family moments, so there's no need to worry about posing for the camera. Just enjoy a day out with your loved ones, and I'll blend into the background, ensuring genuine moments are captured forever.

Family Film Portfolio

Below are some shortened examples of family films that I have created for previous families. Beautiful, heartwarming memories to look back on for years to come.

How do the filming sessions work?

Rhian and I create these films for you! The will be two of us discreetly filming your family whilst you enjoy your hour together at our chosen location. We will also stage manage when necessary to ensure that we get the most wonderful footage of you all. We will guide you to the best areas to play games and go for a stroll together, all the things that will also look great on camera!

The Reel Edit

Review from Rachel, a mum based in South Wales

"Seeing this video brought a tear to my eye. Charlotte and Rhian were so patient and gentle with the boys. They managed to capture our family’s personality so well and have built up a lovely relationship with us that really comes through in the video and photos.
You are both so talented! ☺"

Film Prices

Family Film

  • Up to a 1 hour filming session, at my chosen locations and available dates

  • A heartwarming 1.5 minute video of your family for you to keep and look back on as your little ones grow up.

Price £899

  • Option to increase the time of your film before booking

  • Bespoke packages and alternative dates & locations available on request.

Family Photoshoot &
Film Bundle

  • A 1 hour session which includes your photoshoot and filming session

  • Included prints – one 8x10”, two 5x7”, four 6x4” fine art prints

  • A heartwarming 1.5 minute video of your family


Price only £999

  • Save £399 by choosing this bundle

  • Bespoke packages and alternative dates & locations available on request

If you would love to have a family video created for you, you can book online, or fill out the contact form below, and Ill be in touch to chat through how it all works, book in a date and confirm the beautiful location !

If you are interested in upgrading to all 4 seasons of the year, click the button below to find out more about it.

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