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What do I wear to a photoshoot?

Spring Photoshoots

Spring Family Photoshoot

What to Wear for your Spring Photoshoot 

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, as the winter cold starts to ease and pastel spring colours start to bloom, it’s a brilliant time to get out and about again with your family.  Choosing the right outfit for your spring photoshoot can be tricky, so I hope this helps you tackle that wardrobe and pull out the perfect outfits for you and your family! 

Layers & Fabrics 

Our spring weather can be unpredictable, although winter is behind us, we can still get very cool breezes coming through, even in the glorious sunshine. Layers are key here so you can keep warm if you need to, and also, they can look really nice if you can see both layers in your outfit. A flowing floral dress with a smart blouse or jacket offers comfort, style and you can have a range of photographs with and without your jacket. 

Choose fabrics than move gently with the breeze, some lightweight cotton or satin materials are soft to wear but also add a nice touch of movement to your photographs. 

Colour Palette 

Spring is all about those beautiful pastel colours! Think soft, gentle hues such as blush pink, sky blue, mint green or lavender which complement the blossoming flowers around you. It can be nice to also have one item of clothing or pattern the same colour as each other to bring all your outfits together. 

Spring and floral patterns go hand in hand, so do add some floral patterns to your outfit, for example a floral skirt, top or dress, and if your family are also coming along to the photoshoot, keep some of their outfits simpler, so you have a nice mix of floral and plain designs (we don’t want to overdo it too much). 


Accessories/ Footwear 

Accessories can add a nice touch to your outfit, just make sure they are complementing it, and not overpowering it. Delicate jewellery such as a little necklace, floral hair accessories, a nice watch can finish your outfit off, just ensure that they are also pastel colours to blend in. 

Comfort is always important when it comes to your shoes, especially if you’re running around and playing with your children on your photoshoot. You can still keep it stylish though by going for some beige/brown/ grey ankle boots (avoid black!), and perhaps some trainers or sandals – you can even get some floral ones out for the little ones! 

I wouldn’t go too heavy on the makeup for your spring photoshoot, as it can be very distracting in the sunlight, keep it simple to give the more natural look, with some simple hairstyles such as soft waves, simple braid or a gentle ponytail (and not so heavy on the hair gel boys!).


I know that’s quite a lot to consider when you choose your outfit, but the main thing is, wear something that you feel confident and comfortable in, make sure it’s not something brand new that you’ve never worn before as you might hate the outfit later. Know how the outfit looks on you and how it makes you feel, so you turn up feeling good and ready to have some fun 😊 

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