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Business Highlight Videos

Helping your business get noticed online

Short Highlight Video

- Great for getting your business noticed, these are a quick way to show people what you do in brief eye-catching videos

- Up to a minute long, just enough time to spark your customers’ interest, then they can click on a link for more information

- Designed for social media and linked in to capture your customers’ attention, these offer the perfect way to promote your business in the modern digital age

- Also includes an initial meeting so I can find out more about your business and needs to create the perfectly tailored video for you

Prices From: £250

Highlight Video with an Introduction/Voiceover

- Works in collaboration with the Short Highlight Video by drawing customers in with the shorter video, this video then greets them on your website

- These are a very effective way of giving your customers an insight into your business, how it runs, and what to expect from you; it also keeps your customers on your website for longer, giving them more insight to your services and what you can do for them

- Designed bespoke for your website & LinkedIn

- Initial meeting so I can learn about your business to help me create the perfect video for you

* Package includes the Short Highlight Video *

Prices From £ 595

Client Testimonials

- A very personal and 'real' way for your past clients to give you a review. Encourages new clients to use you after watching what other people's experiences are.


Prices From £80 Per Testimonial

Packages available for more than 1 testimonial.

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