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What do I wear to a photoshoot?


Winter Photoshoot

Wearing the right clothes for a winter session is crucial for your photoshoot to be comfortable, warm, and look beautiful. It’s all about keeping warm, so you can have fun, relax and not shiver in the cold.

Preparing the right outfit

Winter is all about layers, and if we are out in nature (woodland, gardens, fields etc) then you can go for a very casual look. Exposing layers such as jumpers underneath unzipped puffy jackets can really add to your outfit, and we can even work with cute winter hats.

For your jumpers, you can go for a woolly/ cotton look for a cosier feel, either with a polar neck or scalf, don’t go for anything too thin as they can be unflattering and not very warm.

Pair your cosy jumper up with a cute beanie hat and you’re ready for the cold!

Jeans are always a safe bet for keeping you warm, and blue or black jeans also tick the box for one of your winter colours. You can also wear thick tights or leggings for a slimmer look without getting too cold out there. Pair these with some decent walking shoes or nice boots to complete your outfit and keep those feet and ankles warm.


Colours to consider.

There are many different winter colour palettes that you can go for, from deep winter with bolder colours, to cool winter with pastel blues and greys (see below).

The most important thing to remember is for you and your partner/ family to complement each other’s colours, rather than clash, by sticking with one palette. Also, unless you’re going for a Christmas look, avoid the Christmas colour palette, (so your green and reds together).

How do you choose what colours to wear? Take a look in your wardrobe and see what colours you wear most, and which palette they fall into, they are the colours you feel most comfortable in and that’s what you choose for your photoshoot.


Your photoshoot isn't the time to experiment with brand new colours, as you may feel self conscious in them or even dislike how the end results look. This isn't to say don't buy new clothes for your photoshoot, new clothes can make you feel really good about yourself which can come across in your images, just make sure it's something you're comfortable wearing.


Deep Winter Colour Palette

Winter Colour Palette.jpg

Cool Winter Colour Palette

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