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What do I wear to a photoshoot?

Autumn Photoshoots

Autumn Photoshoots

Autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons to take some photographs – there are so many beautiful colours to enjoy, pumpkins, autumn leaves to chuck in the air and usually some great big muddy puddles to splash in! 

The only tricky bit about it? Deciding what to wear! You never really know whether it’s going to be a warmer or colder day, rain, or shine so it’s best to come prepared for whatever the weather may bring.


Preparing The Right Outfit

Layers and accessories, such as scarves, jackets, gilets etc, which add interest to your outfit, as well as warm if you need it to be. This is better than just one big warm coat which might not be suitable.

Knitted jumpers, scarves, hats and even gloves are such great accessories to wear in Autumn, and for your footwear I would recommend wearing some nice boots/wellies or ankle boots over your jeans, keeping you that little bit warmer, and they look great too.


Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

When choosing your colours, Autumn really suits the following:

Warm neutrals, cream, tan, beige, orange, mustard yellows, light and dark browns look absolutely stunning in amongst the Autumnal season. If you want to add a bit of contrast then navy blues, greys and warm berry colours also look great (just avoid using red and green as that can start looking Christmassy).

Choose a palette and stick with it for the family – you don’t want to end up clashing your colours, or one person standing out against the others. You could have matching outfits for the kids, or even have everyone wearing an item of clothing of the same colour, just make sure you wear something you’re comfortable in. If you enjoy wearing jeans and a jumper day to day then wear that, don’t buy a new outfit that is completely different to what you would normally wear, as that could affect how you feel during or after the photoshoot.

Avoid vivid colours and patterns, for example if you want to wear pink, then a duskier rather than a bright pink would suit the palette, and avoid black (unless it’s your footwear), and definitely no white shoes…. they won’t be white for long!

In summary – Autumn shoots are all about fun! Come in comfortable clothes that you can layer up or down and be prepared that your children might just splash around in puddles, throw autumn leaves around and just get a little mucky in general…. but that’s part of the fun! 

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