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What do I wear to a photoshoot?

Summer Photoshoots

Family Photoshoot

Summer Colours

Wherever you choose for your photoshoot, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be green in the background of your photograph, so just consider that when you choose your colours. It would be best to avoid wearing green so that you don't blend into the background, neutral colours (tan/brown) and navy look good against a green background, and I would recommend avoiding red so that you don't look too Christmassy.

You can use bright and bold colours, but wear them with something neutral so that our eyes aren't too distracted by your clothes in the photograph.


Summer Colours

Summer Clothes

It can get very hot in the summer, especially if we're out playing, so do choose lighter fabrics which will flow in the breeze, linen in a great example of this. Movement in clothes also looks great in photographs, for example if your little girl is wearing a dress and spins around or if you're just out walking it helps bring your photographs to life, as well as keeping you all cooler.

Anything Else?

- Props are always a nice addition to your photographs. This can be in the form of a sunhat, picnic basket and blanket, perhaps even something for the children to play with, such as a frisbee, football or if they're young, some bubbles! They look great in the photographs and are a great way to get the kids smiling (and even mum and dad).

- Bring plenty to drink and some snacks for the little ones, we don't want any hangry kids!

- Don't stress too much about your outfits, just remember to dress like you. Don't try something new that you won't be comfortable in as I want you and your family to be as comfortable as possible and have some fun together!

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