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Family Photoshoots - Frequently Asked Questions

Family Photoshoot

How do I book?

Choose your season on the family photoshoot page, then choose your date and time. More details will then be emailed to you. You can also contact me on with your interest and some dates and locations (if you have any) in mind. Payment will need to be made upfront to secure the booking.

What’s included in the price?

The session fee includes your photoshoot session & a slideshow of your images, then you can choose any products to add to your package.

What happens if my children misbehave?

Please don’t worry too much if your children don’t behave, as this is very common. Children can easily get bored after a while on photoshoots so I always try and get those really important photos with them early on. If they don’t behave, sometimes I will just take them quietly on their own for a few photos, without mum and dad watching they can suddenly be on their best behaviour!

I really don’t like posing for photos! What can we do?

I hear this a lot, even I don’t like my photos taken, so I can completely understand! Most of my photos with you are un-posed and natural so you don’t need to worry about me, you just enjoy a lovely time with your family whilst I capture those moments between you!

For the few posed photos, I don’t do any strict poses where you feel stiff and unnatural, all of my guidance is very simple, and I will always aim to photograph you in the best light with some lovely nature surrounding you.

What happens if it rains?

I will always try and stick to our photo shoot, even if it’s due to rain, unless we are due very heavy rain or wind. Photos with umbrellas and lovely coats in the rain can be some of the best photos, as it brings something different to your images! Please be as flexible as you can with timings as I might try and move our photo shoot around on the day if we are due a shower or two.

If the weather is going to be too awful, we can reschedule and try again.

What happens if my children are unwell or just aren’t cooperating on the day of the photo shoot?

If your children are unwell or restless on the day of the photo shoot, we can either reschedule or try a different time that day, just let me know as soon as you think there’s a problem and we can have a chat.

What do I need to bring to the photoshoot?

If you have small children, I would recommend bringing their favourite toy/cuddly toy that they can play with during the photo shoot. These can make lovely photos, or as a good distraction whilst we are trying to get some other photos done.


If you have a picnic blanket/a baby blanket that you’re happy to use, these are lovely to sit on for photos, or during a break if your children need one.

If you want to play some games as part of the photo shoot e.g. bat and ball, football etc please bring these with you as these can make lovely family photos!

Please bring some water and snacks with you to keep the children happy, and keep the family hydrated throughout the photo shoot.

What do I need to wear?

Don’t panic about what to wear, we will have a chat through this before your photo shoot.

What happens after the photo shoot? When do I see the images?

After the photo shoot I will go and carefully edit your lovely images! This can take up to two weeks, and once I have finished I will send you the online Gallery where you can view all of your edited images. The images will be a mixture of vibrant colour images, and a select few in black and white.

If you would like to see the products, I can bring these with me during the photoshoot, or we can meet up afterwards so you can see in person the beautiful products available to you. I have a mixture of prints, canvases and photo books to show you! This is not a hard sell, you only order what you love.

What happens if I need to cancel the photoshoot or move the date/time?

If you need to cancel your photoshoot, your money will be refunded unless it’s 7 days or less before the date of the shoot. If it is within a week, 50% of the payment will be kept as I will be unable to book someone else for the cancelled date.

You can reschedule anytime as long as I am available for the new date, otherwise 50% of the payment will be kept.

What are you doing about social distancing whilst on your photoshoots?

If at the time of your photoshoot, social distancing rules are still in place, I will be putting measures in place to reduce risk. I have a long lens that I use for my photoshoots so I don’t need to come closer than 2 metres.


I have hand sanitiser on me, and I clean my camera before and after shoots, and I have a face mask to wear on site. I won’t be wearing this whilst photographing as I will need to direct/speak to you throughout the photoshoot, but it will be worn otherwise.

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